ACT Mathematics Test

The standard word problems are Algebra I, II level mathematics including geometry. You will be asked to solve fractions related to algebraic equations and data. These type of questions requires that you remember algebraic rules and mathematical formulas in some cases. The ACT math test focuses heavily on exponents so remember your exponent rules and also review your square root rules. You have 60 minutes to answer 60 questions on this section of ACT test.

Calculators may be used on the ACT test. However, many problems do not require the use of a calculator to solve the problems. It may be best to work the problems and then check your answers with the calculator. This way a single button on the calculator does not give you a wrong answer. Moreover, always check to make sure your answer is logical.

The ACT math test also covers the basic geometric information including: circles, triangles, angles and parallel lines. In many cases, you may be asked to solve for (x) or determine the value of data.